Amazing trip for low price!


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I recently came back from two weeks Spain and Portugal vacation.

Many people think a vacation to Europe is expensive.

That’s wrong.

Flight ticket, hotels, food (3 meals plus snacks.. and tons of wine and beer), and gifts…

I only spent about $2000 CAD.

I purchased my flight ticket during Air Canada sale season.

I stayed at 4-star hotels (thanks to coupons).

And food… guess I was lucky to find cheap, local foods.

My point is… you can enjoy your life without spending too much.

Just find the deal and coupon that fits you!

Go through the category and help yourself.

Or if there’s a store you want… and I don’s have… please comment below and I will do my best to add~




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  • frank kim
    frank kim says:

    thats great! only $2000 is bargain. thats amazing

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