1. I have a question or a problem with a deal or a coupon.
    • The best thing you should do is either post a quick comment in the comments section for that deal or coupon. You’ll likely see a response from an ILikeCoupon’s Deals Reader, an ILikeCoupon’s Deals Team Member or even Ella, within a short period of time.
  2. I tried using a code I found on your site and it did not work.
    • Please post a comment detailing your experience within the comments section of that coupon. It may have expired before we were able to remove it from our site. Retailers often do not clarify how long a deal or code will last. We test coupons throughout the day to do our best to stay up-to-date as to when codes or deals expire and remove them from our site as quickly as possible.
  3. How do I make a purchase through your site? I do not see a cart or checkout anywhere.
    • ILikeCoupon does not actually sell anything and is not a store. We are simply a resource for smart consumers to stop and grab a coupon, or be alerted to a fantastic deal on your way to making a purchase online or at an actual store.
  4. Why am I receiving my daily alerts so late in the day?
    • We do our best to send our email alerts out as soon as possible each day. If you are not receiving our emails until the evening or later, it is most likely because of your email provider. We have been notified that our emails have been delayed for some Gmail users. In those cases, Gmail has had the email for many hours but is simply slow to deliver.
  5. I am told by the customer service department that they are not aware of ILikeCoupon and will not honor the coupon codes I found on your site.
    • This is likely a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. When you call a customer service agent for a particular store to inquire about deals or coupon codes, they may not know what you are talking about and even go as far as tell you our deals and codes are fraudulent. This is not the case. Customer service agents are not always aware of what deals or codes their store may offer for consumers. So please send us a comment under the deal/coupon so we can help you solve the issue asap.
  6. I purchased an item through your site and they have charged my card, but I still have not received my item nor can I reach anyone from that store.
    • As you don’t place your order directly from ILikeCoupon, you can check the status of your order on the retailer’s website or by contacting their customer service with the details of your order. If this is happening, please post a comment in that deal’s comment section. Other readers or members of the ILikeCoupon team likely has valuable advice. Stores listed on ILikeCoupon are judged to be highly reputable but problems do still arise. As always, shop with a good credit card that can back you up in such a scenario.
  7. How can my company be featured on the ILikeCoupon site?
    • If you are interested in partnering with ILikeCoupon to promote your products or services, please contact us via email at ella.cho@shop2world.net

For more questions or concerns, please contact at ella.cho@shop2world.net


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