College taught me how to use coupons. They are hard to miss. Every store I go the cashier will ask if I have a student ID. Instead of textbooks… my college student ID became my BFF. Until I graduated. I worked as a teacher after college but my salary was not that great. Also, no college discount. Until I searched online hours to get coupon codes and deals. My mother would say instead of wasting time online to get few percentage off I should study more to get paid more. Well… things don’t work out that way anymore. Nonetheless, I continued my journey for coupons online. Until it made me think why not share my coupon/deal knowledge to my fellow human beings. As we progress, I will share you coupons and deals from 800 stores. Also, my life skill of how to buy something you want cheaper than anyone else. I really love when I pay something lower than anyone. It gives me adrenaline. So sign up for newsletters! I won’t bother you except with amazing deals and coupons. And keep coming back to read my tips!

Ella (your new bff)

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